Top #8 best granular cat foods today

Cats are very demanding animals of all pets. Therefore, choosing cat food so that it is nutritious and suitable for taste is what everyone who owns a cat is also interested in.

The 8 best granulated foods for cats

Dry food or granulated food is the easiest food to use and is most popular with pet owners. In addition, diverse nutritional compositions also contribute to the increasing popularity of grain feed. Cats are one of the pets that are preferred to use this type of granulated food. Join Wiki PET to find out the Top 8 best nut foods for cats today through the following article!

1. Me-O granulated feed

Me-O granulated feed

Me-O is a cat food and utensils brand belonging to Perfect Companion Group (PCG) from Thailand. With more than 30 years of establishment, Me-O brand receives great trust from customers.

The composition contains Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Taurine. There are two main flavors: tuna and seafood.

In particular, the formula contains Flutd and a sufficient amount of Sodium.


  • Support strong bones and teeth
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improve visual function thanks to Taurine
  • Flutd helps prevent urinary tract and bladder diseases in cats

2. Minino Yum granulated feed

Minino Yum granulated feed

The Minino Yum brand originated in Mexico. With modern production processes and technology along with a nutritious full formula. Minino Yum is confident that the grain food brand is very suitable for your pet cats.

The composition contains Calcium and Vitamin D, Omega 3 and 6, combined with Taurine. The product has two main flavors, fish and chicken, suitable for cats to choose.


  • Limit and prevent hair and skin diseases
  • Enhance vision thanks to Taurine in nutritional composition
  • Support strong bones, enhance movement

3. Granular Feed Whiskas

Granular Feed Whiskas

The Whiskas brand, formerly known as Kal Kan, which specializes in providing nutritional products for cats, is popular around the world, owned by American conglomerate Mar Incorporated.

Whiskas cat bran has a nutritional composition including DHA, Omega 3 and 6, fat, protein, iron, zinc and healthy minerals.


  • Maximum brain and physical development
  • Enhance resistance, improve the immune system
  • Increase digestibility and absorption of nutrients
  • Prevent common skin and coat diseases in cats

4. Nutrience Original Healthy Adult Indoor Grain Feed

Nutrience Original Healthy Adult Indoor Grain Feed

Nutrience Original Healthy Adult Indoor granulated food, made in Canada, is a line of balanced nutritional food for adult cats over 12 months old.

With the composition of many nutrients good for cat health such as Omega 3 and 6. Comes from natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, brown rice, oats, salmon oil and other vitamins.


  • Help toned muscles, healthy body, stable weight
  • Omega 3 and 6 help maintain healthy skin and prevent hair loss
  • Support bone and joint development, strengthen the immune system
  • With the combination of whole grains helps reduce the smell of cat feces

5. Granular feed by Cat’s Eye

Granular feed by Cat's Eye

Cat’s eye feed brand is produced by CTCBio Corporation -Korea. As Korea’s leader in pet food and veterinary medicine, today the brand’s products are available almost everywhere in the world.

The ingredients include Vitamin A and Taurine, protein and fish meat meal. Besides, natural ingredients such as beets, cellulose contribute to making the product closer and easier to use.


  • Help cats have bright and healthy eyes, improve good eyesight
  • Minimize hair loss, maintain a always thick and smooth coat
  • Strengthen the digestive and immune systems of cats

6. Home & Cat granulated feed

Home & Cat granulated feed

Home & Cat is a famous Korean cat food brand, manufactured on modern technology lines with many product lines with good reputation. Home & Cat dry granulated food is prepared suitable for all types of cats and suitable for each age.

Main ingredients include: chicken flour, fish meal, potatoes, wheat, yeast, vegetables, taurine and other healthy vitamins.


  • As the main daily source of energy for cats
  • Enhance eyesight, help cats have healthy bright eyes
  • Supports a healthy skin and smooth coat

7. Granular food brand Iskhan for cats

Granular food brand Iskhan for cats

Iskhan is a brand of dry granulated pet food under the Korean company Daehan Feed. Currently on the market food for dogs and cats. Iskhan occupies an important part and is increasingly trusted by people who breed dogs and cats.

The main ingredients of Iskhan include: fresh salmon meat, Omega 3, herbs, tomatoes and many healthy fruits and vegetables. Fiber, Glucosamine and Chondroitin combine to create a nutritious and effective product.


  • Support the immune system and promote the health of cat bones
  • Contribute to good care of the cat’s coat more smooth and shiny
  • Maintain a healthy digestive tract thanks to natural fruit and vegetable ingredients
  • Regenerate articular cartilage, help cats stay active, avoid stagnation, fatigue

8. Nutri Source granulated feed

Nutri Source granulated feed

Nutri Source is a line of premium granulated food for dogs and cats from the United States, belonging to Tuffy’s Pet Foods. With carefully selected raw materials and advanced and modern production technology, Nutri Source meets the standards of supply for pets globally.

The main ingredients in Nutri Source’s feed are from natural ingredients. Like pea flour, dried beet pulp, oats, yeast, along with Calcium and Selenium Organic Microminerals. It helps to create a nutritious product that is necessary for the cat’s body.


  • Selenium microminerals help support cats’ reproductive function
  • Help cats easily absorb nutrition, digest well, minimize the smell of feces
  • Develop a comprehensive healthy skeleton for cats

Above are the top 8 best granulated foods for cats today. Hope you have the most suitable options for your cats.

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