Top 10 specialized drugs for scabies in dogs

Scabies in dogs are caused by parasites. And the disease easily spreads to humans or other animals. If you are in constant contact with dogs with scabies.

How to treat scabies in dogs

Currently, besides folk remedies. For example, use natural plant leaves. Then there are many drugs for scabies in dogs. The article below, Wiki PET will introduce you to some of the best drugs available today.

1. What is scabies in dogs?

Scabies in dogs is a pathology that describes a condition in which dogs are infected with parasites (small types of mites) on the skin. Makes the dog itch intensely, shed hair in patches, inflamed skin reddens, bleeds pus,… These parasites inhabit the entire life cycle on the dog’s skin.

There are three common types of scabies in dogs: Scabies Sarcoptes Scabiei, Scabies Demodex Canis, Scabies Cheyletiella. Types of scabies have different causes and symptoms, so prompt treatment is needed to ensure the health of your dog.

2. How do I know if a dog has scabies?

To find out if the dog has scabies or not. You need to observe them every day. And the following are some manifestations of scabies in dogs.

  • Itching: Dogs scratch or rub walls with their paws, rolling on the ground to relieve itching.
  • Shedding: shedding hair in patches that form naked areas.
  • Dandruff flakes: many dandruff flakes appear on the skin and hairs then gradually dry out, peeling.
  • Red nodules of scabies: the appearance of red nodules in areas of hair loss
  • Skin: the skin thickens and begins to show keratinization, which can also bleed due to frequent scratching by dogs
How to tell if your dog has scabies
How to tell if your dog has scabies – Photo: Internet

3. Top 10 most effective and safe drugs for scabies in dogs today

3.1 Ivermectin drug for scabies for dogs

Used to treat exo-parasitic diseases, dermatitis, itchy scabies, … Help your dog no longer be uncomfortable due to itchy scabies.

This is a special drug, so it is not sold in the market. You should go to a clinic or veterinary hospital to be consulted by a doctor. And given the right dosage of medicine for your dog. Care should be taken when using this drug. Which can cause poisoning of the dog’s central nervous system.

3.2 Sebacil

The drug with the main component is Phoxim. A compound that disrupts nerve impulses, destroys parasitic scabies mites. To use this drug at home, you definitely need the guidance of a veterinarian. To ensure the safety of you, your pet and bring you efficiency.

In case the dog has severe scabies, you should repeat after 2 weeks and inject 1ml of Sebacil Pour-on into each ear. However, Sebacil – Bayer is a medicine product for scabies for dogs with severe scabies. Scabies for a long time cannot be cured.

How to use: You apply the medicine along the spine from the head to the tail. And apply on areas with scabies, sores. In case the dog has severe scabies, apply 1 more time every 5 days. When applying the drug, remember to use nylon gloves.

3.3 Medicine for scabies, zinc oxide fat fungus for dogs

Drugs for oxidative scabies are produced in the form of fatty fungus. The drug has a therapeutic effect and cleans wet wounds, pustules, scabies, itchy scratches of the skin for dogs.

How to use: You should clean foreign objects, stains around the area to be treated for dogs. Then apply a thin layer of oxygen on the damaged skin and apply evenly 2 times a day. Continuous use within 1 month will be highly effective.

3.4 Wrinkle Balm

Wrinkle Balm is also a choice worth your attention when your dog unfortunately suffers from scabies. This line of drugs treats dermatitis and antifungal extremely powerful, and is also used to treat scabies

With the main component – 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution, 1% Ketoconazole, add enough excipients. The drug is safe for most breeds, including small dogs.

3.5 Spray for scabies for dogs Hantox

The drug for scabies Hantox is a product prepared in the form of a spray. Make your dog more comfortable during each treatment.

Has the effect of preventing and thoroughly eliminating lice, dog ticks, fleas, mosquito flies parasitic on the skin of dog hair. Safety and effectiveness do not affect the development of the pet.

How to use Hantox spray: You shake the spray well before use. Keep the jar in an upright position and spray the dog’s coat in the opposite direction. Then you use your hands to rub evenly all over the dog’s body or you can spray directly on the scabies area.

Use Hantox spray on average 10-12 times / kg on the dog’s body. And each time about 4-5 days apart and use 6 months for 1 course.

3.6 Anti Itch Relief for Mushroom Scabies for Dogs

Anti Itch Relief helps treat powerful antifungal yeast infections. Relieves skin itching caused by allergies, disinfection, scabies for wound care. And antibacterial for skin infections, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea, acne in dogs & cats. Or oily dermatitis, ringworm, wart treatment, hot pimples, dandruff.

Ingredients – 8 oz – 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution, 1% Ketoconazole spray for dogs and cats. Safe & effective for small, medium, large dog breeds from puppies to large.

3.7 Chewable tablets for scabies for dogs Bravecto

The drug for scabies Bravecto is prepared in the form of chewable tablets. Effective in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin, scabies Demodex Canis.

The drug helps protect and prevent dogs from parasitic invasion for a period of 12 weeks. And you can use it for all different types of dogs.

The drug for scabies Bravecto works day after 8 hours and 24 hours. Made with an attractive scent that stimulates dogs to eat easier.

A year you only need to use for dogs 4 times. And each time use 1 tablet in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations.

3.8 NexGard

The drug for scabies NexGard for dogs is researched and produced in France. The drug has an effective function in the process of killing dog. Ticks, fleas and parasites on the skin of dog hair.

NexGard is a candy dog scabies medicine

The drug is specially formulated in the form of chewable tablets. And is effective for a period of one month. And at the same time helps the dog’s fur shine without odors.

The drug NexGard contains the active ingredient Afoxolaner that helps to effectively treat and control scabies diseases. The drug is usable for all breeds of dogs and should be used for dogs from 8 weeks of age.

You should pay attention to use NexGard scabies medicine in accordance with the dosage required by the manufacturer. To help the drug work most effectively: 1 month use 1 tablet of NexGard.

3.9 Alkin Mitecyn, Fungikur and Otoklen mushroom scabies medicine

Alkin Mitecyn scabies spray is a product that helps dogs get rid of scabies parasites, dog ticks quickly and effectively. Alkin also has 2 lines of Fungikur and Otoklen that are also very effective.

Works to treat dandruff patches on the dog’s skin that quickly dry up and grow normal hair. The drug will help your dog confidently go out on the street without being obsessed with constant itching anymore.

Alkin Mitecyn scabies medicine is a spray drug, especially for skin diseases caused by bacteria and scabies Sarcoptes Scabiei, Demodex Canis scabies, Cheyletiella scabies … causes.

Alkin Mitecyn is manufactured based on modern advanced technology and includes the following ingredients. Moxidectin, Ivermectin, Miconazole Nitrate, Neomycin sulfate, Chlorhexidine Acetate.

The product is used for different breeds of dogs from 12 years old. And non-toxic, hypoallergenic to your dog.

The drug for scabies Alkin Mitecyn is used on the skin of the scabies directly. And the surrounding areas of the dog. Do not allow the drug to come into contact with the eye area and some other sensitives.

3.10 Pharmectin

Pharmectin is a medicine for scabies on dogs and cats made in Vietnam

The drug for scabies for dogs Pharmectin is able to prevent and treat ticks, scabies, lice, parasites on the skin and dog hair.

In order to effectively use and thoroughly get rid of ticks parasitizing on dogs. You need to use the correct dosage according to what the manufacturer gives.

Injected 1 time and continuously for 3-4 times, the drug is effective for 3-5 months. So after the periodic expiration you should re-vaccinate your dog 1 time.

Dosage used when injected for dogs: 1ml / 7 – 8kg / time. Injected under the dog’s muscle and subcutaneously.

4. How to prevent dog scabies

Absolutely do not allow your dog to have contact with other scabies dogs and cats. Because they can infect your dog in just a short time.

Always keep the dog clean, bathe the dog regularly with specialized shower gels for scabies. You should not bathe with human soap.

Regularly clean the accommodation, lying place, dog and dog cage. To prevent the penetration and development of bacteria, parasites.

5. FAQ

Where to buy medicine for scabies in dogs?

Currently on the market there are many stores selling medicine for scabies for dogs. However, you need to choose quality and reputable establishments to ensure you can buy quality goods for your dog.

Do dogs with scabies die?

Scabies in dogs usually do not pose a danger. If the disease is treated properly and definitively. Your dog will be completely healthy and leave no sequelae.

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