The 9 most favorite cat foods you need to know

Cats are loved by many people and choose to keep as pets at home. In addition to caring for and hygienic them day by day. Choosing the type of food that cats love is also sought after by many people.

cat food

One of the important things when raising cats is to understand their requirements. To know this, you must know what cats like to eat the most. So that you can take care of them in the most effective way. Today, Wiki Pet will suggest #9 of your favorite cat foods.

Are you new to cats and don’t know how to take care of them? You absolutely do not know what food to feed them? Really cats are very difficult animals to eat and their food requirements are very high. So what cats like to eat is a question that is still finding answers.

1. Cats love to eat fish

Do you know what kind of cat foods like to eat the most? The first answer is fish. That’s right, fish is known as a favorite of cats.

The reason cats are so fond of fish is simple. The fish themselves have a lot of essential nutrients for cats. The fish is so delicious and tender that any cat of any age can eat fish easily.

Nutritious fish that cats like to eat such as salmon, fish, budfish … You can cook or steam them then feed them. In addition, you can ballast the fish and mix it with rice for the cat to eat.

Fish is a cat's favorite food
Fish is a cat’s favorite food

Note: You should absolutely not feed your cat raw fish. Because inside raw fish there will be bacteria harmful to the gastrointestinal tract for cats.

2. Types of seafood

In addition to fish, cats also love to eat seafood such as squid, shrimp, oysters,.. These foods contain a lot of important minerals that help build red blood cells for cats. However, these types are quite tough and difficult to chew. Should be suitable only for cats that are not picky or have strong teeth.

The best way to feed your cat these types of seafood is to cook it. Or you can also steam it or fry it up. You can also mix it into rice for cats to eat. Make sure that no matter what type of food you make, your cat will love seafood-based food.

Use seafood as cat food

Note: But absolutely do not feed them raw, because it will not be good for the cat’s digestive tract.

3. Meat is an important food for cats

Cats are essentially an animal. Therefore, cats like to eat meat is their rule. Meat is a nutrient-rich food for cats. Helps provide protein, amino acids and energy for the daily activities of cats. Especially if your cat is an active kid, you should pay attention to provide enough meat for them.

The types of meat that cats can eat are: pork, beef, chicken,.. The simplest way to prepare is to steam up shredded to feed the cat. Or you can cook soups.

feeding cats meat

Note: In the process of choosing meat, chicken should remove bones, skin, fat,.. You should choose chicken breast. For meats: beef, pork. You should choose lean, non-ribbed and fatty parts to ensure that there is less fat for your cat.

4. Liver of animals

Liver is a favorite food of animals not only cats. With a stimulating aromatic taste, it is also nutritious, so cats are crazy about this delicious liver.

How to prepare liver for cat food is also very simple. You can buy liver about finely chopped steamed or fried up. Or to increase the nutrition of cats, you can use liver to cook with soups.

Animal liver is a favorite cat food

Note: You should also not overfeed your cat with liver. Because the liver usually contains various types of bacteria. They have the effect of filtering toxins in the body of other animals. Because you will not be able to guarantee that the liver you have bought is fresh, tasty or not.

5. Milk is a very good complementary food for cats

Just like humans, milk is an extremely healthy nutritional supplement. So to make sure your pet cat can get enough nutrients, you should give them a drink once a week.

Use milk as cat food

A few notes when giving your baby milk:

  • You should not give the kitten milk. Because dairy products are easy to cause diarrhea, especially with kittens.
  • Adult cats can drink milk to provide more nutrients and energy. But you also have to keep in mind that don’t give them too much to drink. Because it is easy to lose water to cause death or limit the cat’s milk to drink.
  • You should choose cat-specific milks and new low-lactose milks that are good for cats.

6. Poultry eggs

Poultry eggs are foods that provide a lot of nutrients and are easy to eat for cats. Each egg can be equivalent to 50 grams of meat. Egg yolk can provide cats with amino acids, vitamins,… really necessary for cats. Whites are an essential source of protein for cats.

Use eggs as cat food

Note: You should boil chicken eggs, real duck eggs are cooked. Raw eggs should not be fed to cats as it is difficult to eat and can reduce digestion for cats.

7. Vegetables are good food for cats

Just like humans. Cats need to eat vegetables and fruits to supplement the necessary fiber and vitamins for the body. Vegetables can help stimulate and improve the digestive tract.

More specifically, vegetables are really necessary for sterilized or sedentary cats. As well as the above foods, vegetables also need to be cooked before feeding the cat.

Some notes when using vegetables as cat food:

  • You should not feed your cat too many vegetables because they only absorb 10 grams – 15 grams per day.
  • And it is also not recommended to feed the cat with vegetables such as spinach, carrots, green beans. Because they contain a lot of oxalic acid is not good for cats.
  • Absolutely do not feed your cat grapes or Macca nuts because it can cause poisoning. Symptoms of acute renal failure, nervous disorders, vomiting, weakness are all caused by cats ingesting this food.
Feed your cat vegetables to supplement vitamins and supplements

8. Dry food for cats

Dry food is also a favorite food for cats. Because on the market of dry food for cats today there are many good brands of food with a variety of tastes.

Dry food contains a lot of nutrients. Calculated by food experts in reasonable proportions for each age and species of cat.

Note: Your cat will likely become addicted to dry food. Because they are really excited with cats. So you should have a reasonable diet for cats. And don’t indulge them in eating too much dry food.

Dry food for cats

When using dry food as cat food. You will be assured of the nutritional level for cats. But one thing to pay attention to should give your cat water and eat vegetables regularly. Because, dry food can cause dehydration in cats and lead to kidney stones if they do not drink enough water.

9. Types of pate

As well as dry grain food, cat bran loves to eat wet food or pate instead of breakfast for cats. The advantage of this type of food is that it is very easy to swallow and is suitable for many cats.

You can find and buy bran, cat food such as whiskas cat bran, Kitekat cat food,…

Pate is also a favorite cat food.

Cats are very picky, so if you are raising a cute cat, you should spend a lot of time caring for them. Try to spend some of your free time preparing cat food. Hope that the above foods can suggest you to take better care of your cat!

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