The 5 best feeds for guppies – Fish grow fast & Beautiful colors

Guppies are aquarium fish that are easy to keep and easy to care for. However, to choose the type of food that helps them grow quickly, beautiful colors, not all aquarists know.

food for guppies

Today, WIKIPET.NET share with you. The list includes the 5 best feeds for guppies. Helps the fish grow quickly and has a beautiful color.

1. How to help guppies grow quickly and beautiful colors?

This is a question asked by a lot of guppy beginners. And the following is how to quickly grow and have a beautiful color of professional aquarists:

  • The first and most important thing is nutrition. You need to provide guppies with a nutritious diet. It will help the fish grow quickly and have a beautiful color.
  • The 2nd issue is about the quality of water in the aquarium. You need to regularly clean the aquarium. Additional types of beneficial microorganisms. Maintain a stable water temperature of 26 – 28 degrees C. As well as an average pH of 6.0 – 8.0.
  • And finally, take care of your guppy every day. Watch and feed them. To detect unusual diseases on guppies. From there, there is a quick and effective way to handle.

The following are the best feeds for guppies. Used by many aquarists and successful in helping fish grow quickly and have beautiful colors.

2. The best feeds for guppies

2.1 Type of fresh food

The nature of guppies is omnivorous. In addition to the natural environment, they are very fond of eating fresh foods. Including small shrimp, insects … So, when grown in artificial tanks. You should also feed them with fresh foods. It will help for guppies to grow quickly and beautiful colors.

+ Artemia

Artemia is a nutritious fresh food for guppies. With a high protein content of up to 55% helps fish grow quickly.

+ Bloodworm

Bloodworm plays an important role in the aquatic system. It is an easy-to-find, safe and nutritious food source for fish.

Bloodworm is a nutrient-rich and safe food for guppies. Wormwood provides many nutrients and iron for fish because it contains a lot of Haemoglobin.

+ Threadworm

Worms are only considered the favorite food of guppies. They have a large amount of protein to help fish grow fast. There are more beautiful colors.

+ Ant eggs

Ant eggs contain more than 30 types of amino acids, from 42 to 47% protein, rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B1,… Therefore, this can be considered a food that helps guppies grow very quickly. Besides, vitamins will help fish develop better colors.

fresh type of food for guppies

2.2 Industrial feed

Currently, guppies are gradually gaining popularity and are kept at home a lot. To meet the demand for guppy feed. Feed products specifically for guppies are produced.

Most of these feeds come in the form of bran, pellets or pieces. Designed with a small size that fits into the mouth of guppies. And in particular, the main ingredients in these feeds are also derived from nature. So it is absolutely safe for your fish.

Some common industrial feed for guppies include:

INVE Bran of Thailand: Foods containing up to 55% protein are extremely nutritious. As a floating, extremely fragrant grain food, bran contains substances that help fatten fish, fish grow quickly, healthy, support coloring, beautiful fins. In addition, the product also contains digestive enzymes, which help your fish not to be afraid of intestinal problems.

Japanese Bran B1: This is one of the best foods for baby guppies. Juveniles of other small aquarium fish can also eat Japanese Bran B1 well. B1 is a smaller version of Japanese Bran B2 – The most famous and best food for guppies and small aquarium fish.

JBL – Novo Guppy: is a dry bran seed feed. It contains adequate nutrition that helps ensure comprehensive development. And the beautiful color up size of guppies. In particular, bran seeds are designed to be long soluble in water, do not cause turbidity and pollute water.

3. Proper feeding of guppies

After choosing a food for guppies. You need to feed the fish with a reasonable regime. Here are a few notes when feeding guppies at home:

  • You should feed the fish 2-3 times per day. And it is recommended to feed the fish with a sufficient amount of food. Avoid letting leftovers contaminate the water in the tank.
  • You should also feed the fish with various foods. Combination of fresh food and dry food. It will help replenish the head with enough nutrition for the fish to grow. And up more beautiful colors.
  • In particular, depending on the age of the fish, you should choose guppy food of the right size. For example, your fry can chop fine-grained bran. Larger fish can feed artemia or large seed bran. And adult fish can eat a variety of feeds.

4. Q&A

What do baby guppies eat?

Instinctively, baby guppies are born for a few hours that they can go in search of prey on their own. You can use artemia or fine-grained bran to feed them as best.

Do guppies eat aquarium plants?

Of course not ! Although guppies are omnivorous fish. But they don’t eat aquatic plants.

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