Simple British Shorthair cat training at home

British Shorthair is a cute and friendly breed of cat. Many lovers choose them as pets.

British Shorthair is a cute and friendly breed of cat. Many lovers choose them as pets.

In this article, Wiki PET shares with you the basic exercises. To train British Shorthair cats at home. Let’s follow how to do it.

1. Reasons for you to choose British Shorthair as a pet.

This is a breed of cats that are very friendly, affectionate and love to with their owners.

Besides, British shorthair cats are also very friendly to babies, you can feel secure when raising this breed even if you have small children at home.

This breed of cats is quite easy to raise, they can eat cat food from packaged food. Or nuts for pets to foods that humans use.

British Shorthair

2. British Shorthair cat training lessons at home

Lesson 1: Teach cats to remember their names

When the cat is in an excited state when playing, being cuddled or caressed,… Call your cat by their first name. This will help the cat remember his name.

Note: You should train your cat to remember the name when in a state of excitement. You shouldn’t train when you’re ”lagging” cats. Because it will make cats associate their name as a reproach.

Lesson 2: Teach cats not to grumble or bite people.

Although the British Shorthair is a sober and friendly breed of cat. However, in some cases they are irritable and can hurt others. It’s best to train your British Shorthair to be friendly with the following exercise:

The training is quite simple: When the cat bites the hand, lightly hit the head so that the cat releases. However, you need to note that only patting lightly, if you pat too hard, the cat will coax you.

Training cats not to bite people

Lesson 3: Teach cats to shake hands

First, use your cat’s favorite food and put it in your hands. Then call your cat so he can smell the food on your hands.

When the cat has detected and pounced to eat. Raise your hands so that the cat with his legs follows. At the same time, shout “Handshake” and put your cat’s paw in your hands.

Then, feed your cat when you’re done training. This training will take about 1-2 months for cats to get used to, please persevere.

training british shorthair cat handshake

3. FAQ

How to train British Shorthair cats to go to the toilet in the right place?

Here are the basic steps to train your cat to go to the toilet:
Stage 1: Place your cat’s toilet sand tray in the toilet.
Stage 2: You will train your cat to initially get used to the height of the toilet.
Stage 3: After the cat gets used to the height of the toilet bowl. Place the sand tray on the seat of the toilet seat.
Stage 4: Replace the sand tray with a dedicated cat training kit like Litter Kwitter or Citykitty.
Final stage: This is the final stage in the “how to teach cats to go to the toilet”. And your cat is really ready. So remove the tray so that the cat can urinate as well as defecate in the toilet.

Do British Shorthair cats shed?

Of course Yes ! Cats shed their hair in the spring and gradually change their coats in the fall. When molting, the weather is cold, new feathers need to grow gradually to prepare a warm coat for a cold winter day. Therefore, wintering and lowering cat hair is less shed.

Above are 3 basic exercises for you to train British Shorthair cats at home. Hopefully, after applying, your pet will become more adorable and friendly. Visit website regularly. To see more ways to take care of many other pets.

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