How to treat common diseases on guppies. Fast, Safe and Efficient

When keeping guppies in the aquarium at home. The change of weather and food. It will probably make guppies sick.


Today, WIKIPET.NET share with you. How to cure common diseases on guppies at home Please take a look at the article.

1. Guppies suffer from fungus

This is a common disease in guppies. If the disease is not detected early, it may spread to other fish. The following are the signs to know that guppies suffer from fungal diseases:

  • Fish regularly rub themselves against the walls of the tank.
  • Many small white spots appear on the body, fins and tail of the fish.
  • Fish stop eating and swim lethargically on the surface
Guppies with fungal infections
Guppies with fungal infections

1.1 What causes guppies to suffer from fungal diseases

  • Infected from newly purchased fish
  • Food sources for fish with fungal infections
  • Polluted water is also the cause of guppies infected with white spot fungus
  • Excessive number of fish in the aquarium accompanied by underdeveloped microflora

1.2 How to prevent the disease

  • You need to double-check the newly purchased fish from the store. Before releasing them into the same old aquarium.
  • Process fresh food before feeding guppies.
  • You should regularly change the water for the guppy aquarium. Suck out the fish waste and leftovers at the bottom of the tank cleanly.
  • Add more beneficial microorganisms to the tank. It will help to significantly improve the quality of water in your tank.

1.3 Curing fungal diseases on guppies

For the case of guppies with fungal diseases. The first thing is that you need to take out the sick fish. Keep them in a separate tank for treatment.

  • Step 1: You need to raise the water temperature in the tank to 28 – 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Step 2: Use copper sulphate (0.15- 0.20ppm) or malachite green, formalin and methylene blue to treat fish diseases.

2. Ruffled guppies

Ruffled scales are also a common disease on guppies. The disease usually appears when the amount of salt in the tank water is too large.

Telltale signs of this disease can be seen with the eyes . Scales on the body of the fish will swell and ruffle. The disease will make the entire body of the fish enlarge a lot.

For the treatment of scaly ruffles in guppies. The first step is that you need to take the sick fish to another tank. The next step is that you need to reduce the intensity of the oxygen machine. Feed the fish with an amount of food equal to 1/10 of the usual day during the treatment. It is possible to additionally use the drug Tetra to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

3. The swimming shape of the guppy is shaken

The cause of guppies’ swimming pattern is difficult to recognize. Often the disease appears when improper release of fish into the tank. The sudden environmental change stresses the fish. Or it could also be because the fish are injured when fighting with other fish.

To overcome this disease, you need to use about 2 handfuls of granulated salt in a 60-level water tank. After that, use the heating mode at a temperature of 31-32 degrees Celsius. Change the water by 10-20%, add salt and start heating again. Follow up for about 3 days, the fish will improve.

4. Guppies suffer from tail rot, tail atrophy,

Guppies with tail rot / tail rot / tail grabbing is a common disease in 7-color fish. Often the cause originates from contaminated water. Or because the fisherman regularly changes the water. And the water source has a lot of granulated salt. Guppies need attention.

Guppies with tail atrophy
Guppies with tail atrophy

For such a condition, aquarists have 3 steps to cure such a fish:

  • Step 1: Use Japanese Tetra (5g type) use to put 1/20 pack into a 25-liter aquarium.
  • Step 2: Guppies use heaters to stabilize temperatures around 31-32 degrees Celsius.
  • Step 3: Start stocking the fish, after 1 day change 50% of the water. Pay attention to the 3rd day change the next 50 % of water and use a combination of 1 liter of salt.

You need to follow up, will see an improvement in the condition of the tail of the fish. After about 3 days the fish tail returns to normal. For guppies suffer from this disease. Aquarists need to be paid more attention to resistance. It is necessary to maintain a stable water temperature as well as to regularly disinfect water for guppies.

5. Guppies with Stress

Stress is also a common disease in 7-color fish. The way to recognize is that you will see fish often gathered in the corner of the tank. When you pat the wall of the tank often appear violent vibrations. The fish will shoot themselves out of the water and fall, and at the same time the spine of the fish has a bent phenomenon.

How to treat guppies with Stress. You can use Japanese Tetra. With a dosage of 1 gram of the drug for about 200 liters of water in the tank. Grandma needs to change 30% water every day and add new water and 1 gram of medicine.

6. Malnutrition

If after a few months of farming and your guppies are still the same. They do not grow in size and color. This is a sign of guppies’ malnutrition.

The main reason for this is poor food sources. Accompanied by poor water quality. Leads to retarded fish status.

The cure is also relatively simple. You should pay attention to observing the water of the aquarium. If the water is not clear, there is a lot of dirt in the tank with an unpleasant odor… Then you should change the water periodically, each time changing from 20-30% within a few consecutive days. The replacement of new water helps to regenerate the microflora in the tank. Make the water clearer and create a clean, healthy habitat for fish. You should also change different foods to help the fish change their taste and eat more.

7. Q&A

How to prevent disease in guppies at home?

To help guppies kept in the tank at home stay healthy, grow quickly and have beautiful colors. Fish farmers should be aware of the following requirements:
+ Check carefully before releasing more fish into the tank
+ Keep the aquarium clean by changing the water regularly
+ Additional types of beneficial microorganisms in the aquarium
+ Feed guppies with a variety of feeds to strengthen the resistance of fish.
+ Maintain the tank temperature at 26 – 28 degrees C. As this is the ideal temperature for the growth of guppies.

Is it necessary to catch sick guppies to another tank?

Of course it does ! To ensure the health of other fish. The first thing you have to do is separate the sick fish from the tank. It will help you easily in the process of treating the disease for it. And also limit the spread of pathogens in the tank.

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