How to Teach Cats to Eat Nuts – Simple and Effective

Cat food must also choose the right type and feed properly to help them digest well and healthier.

Practice feeding your cat nuts

You can use nuts as cat food. It is both convenient and nutritious. But not all cats like to eat nuts! You can follow the instructions for feeding your cat nuts properly below.

1. Tips to help cats quickly know how to eat nuts

Grain food is nutritious but characterized by dryness, so many cats will not like to eat with fresh food when first trying. Therefore, it should be mixed with some other foods to make it soft and fragrant easier to eat. Here are the suggestions:

1.1 Mix granulated food with warm water

When you first learn to feed your cat seeds, mix them with warm water to be soft and moist. At that time, the taste of food is more fragrant, which will stimulate the cat to eat easier. This helps cats eat better.

1.2 Mix nuts with milk

You can choose to mix the seeds with milk to create a rich, soft milk smell. Cats will definitely love this food and eating whimpering makes you feel more secure.

1.3 Mix nuts with bone broth

Chicken/pork bone broth with seeds makes the dish more nutritious and tender. Bone broth can soften nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, protein, fat.

1.4 Mix the pate/canned meat with nuts

Feed your cat nuts properly: Seeds put on a plate mixed with pate or canned meats will definitely eat delicious. This way stimulates cats to get used to grain food later. Note that this method should only be fed occasionally, because too much pate or canned meat is not necessarily good for the body.

1.5 Mix rice with nuts

Cats often like to eat white rice, you can mix grain food with white rice for them to see if they eat it all or not. This method helps the cat to be fuller and full of nutrients.

2. Proper feeding of the cat nuts

Currently on the market there are many different types of grain food suitable for the ages of cats. Ready-to-buy grain food, with dosage instructions, should be convenient for busy owners.

How to practice feeding your cat nuts slowly and then later will see a noticeable effect. Initially, try to feed your cat less nuts, then when the cat gets used to it, increase the dosage. If the cat refuses, also be patient to let the cat adapt.

Cats start eating seeds from week 6 onwards. Before that, it should not be because the digestive system is not good enough to digest dry things. You can choose one of the above grain food mixes to soften and stimulate the cat to eat grain food.

Teach your cat to eat nuts

Note: Mixed seeds when the cat does not eat it all, after 1h, you should discard it because it is easy to get dirty and there are flies in it. Sometimes without mixing with other foods, try giving yourself dry grain food on a plate/bowl to see if your cat likes to eat. Sometimes when you are busy, you do not have time to process other food, mix, feed the cat seeds, they cooperate very well.

3. How to change nuts when feeding a cat

Cats may not like to eat a nut forever, so after a while they shake their heads and leave. At this point, you should be flexible to change other cat food. You buy a variety of new nuts, flavors and other ingredients. Feed your cat to see if it’s right, they enjoy it and eat a lot.

How to feed your cat seeds: Soak some old seeds with some bone broth/milk/warm water for your cat to eat first. Seeing that the cat eats well, add a little new seeds to the old seeds and mix them to see if the crest can be eaten. If the cat likes, from tomorrow you will change the new food a little more.

Tip: The alternation of nuts creates a variety for cats to eat more easily, not picky eaters. At the same time, the food has a variety of flavors and nutritional components for cats.

4. FAQ

Can cats eat nuts and vegetables?

Of course it is! You sometimes mix grain food with delicious vegetables, add fiber, vitamins for cats enough, they will enjoy eating more.

How many times a day should a cat be fed with nuts?

Depending on the age of the cat to adjust the meal. When cats over 6 months are old enough, 3 meals are reasonable, providing enough nutrients and helping cats fill their stomachs.

Is it OK to only feed your cat 1 type of food, nuts?

According to veterinarians, it is recommended to feed cats with granulated food in combination or alternately with fresh food. This helps balance nutrients and helps the digestive system work better.

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