How to prevent and treat diseases on discus

Discus is a beautiful stream of freshwater aquarium fish. However, raising and caring for them is not easy.

How to prevent & Treat diseases on discus

For discus breeders, in addition to the problem of tanks, diet. How to handle common diseases in discus is of interest to many people. In this article, Wiki PET shares with you. How to prevent and cure diseases on discus.

1. Features of discus

Discus are beautiful but very difficult to keep in tanks. They are very sensitive to changes in the environment such as temperature, light, water sources, food …

When raising discus, you need to prepare specialized tools or equipment to purify water (can use sand, gravel, activated carbon …). So that the water in the pond must reach the target of clarity from 1.5 to 4.5m. Salinity in water should not be high: 10 – 50 ms.

You need to maintain the temperature of the discus tank at the most appropriate level, and usually in discus it is 28 – 30 degrees Celsius.

2. Common diseases in discus

2.1 Discus with cloudy eyes

+ Causes of the disease: Discus with cloudy eyes is common when the aquatic environment is contaminated.

+ Symptoms: The ankle has milky curtains and may have swollen eyes. If not detected early and left untreated for a long time, it can lead to blindness.

+ How to cure:

Use the drug Tetraciline 500mg. Proceed to mix 2 tablets (60cm lake) into a cup of water, stir well and pour into the lake.

  • Turn on heating at 33 – 35ºC.
  • You put in 01 small cup of granulated salt.
  • Turn off filtering, turn off oxygen to avoid foaming on the surface of the lake.
  • After 24 hours you change 1/2 of the water. And add one tablet + less salt.
  • After the next 24 hours, change 1/2 of the water, add less salt. If you see that the fish is better, do not add more medicine, on the contrary, add 1 more tablet.

2.2 Discus with white mycosis

The main reason why discus suffer from white fungus is due to dirty water sources . Or due to overeating and the amount of leftovers that make the water dirty…

Symptoms: There is a white curtain on the body, black fish people, or 1 corner of the lake and little activity.

How to cure discus with white fungus disease

  • Treatment of pond water with probiotics: MD NAPOLI (5ml / 200L of water).
  • Bathe the fish in a bucket of clean water for 5-10 minutes, mix in 10 Liters of water, once a day x 3 days: MD OXCIN 500 (5ml) + MD SEPTRYL 240 (5ml) + MD ANALGIN TD (2ml)
  • Feed into the pond, 1 time day x 3 consecutive days, in 200 Liters of water: MD OXCIN 500 (5ml) + MD SEPTRYL 240 (5ml) + MD BROMHEXINE TD (2ml)
  • Feed mixing, feeding 3-5 days, in 100g of feed: MD LOVITA (0.5ml) + MD TOPMIN (1ml) + MD SORBITOL B12 (1g) + MD AMBACTRIM (1g)

For fish size 8-12cm or more:

  • If it is mild, just plug in 32-34 degrees of heating and Japanese tetra (Dose 1g = 100l of water)
  • If it is heavy, beat potassium permanganate and Japanese tetra (1 tablespoon of yogurt for 80l of water) as mentioned above.
  • Turning on heating and strong aeration will increase the effect.

To prevent discus from white fungus. Every week you can bathe the fish with potassium permanganate to make it healthy (for size 8 fish). After adding potassium permanganate to slightly yellowish water does not need to add tetra 1 day later the water will be clear again. You can also bathe fish smaller than 8cm but with a small dose of 1 small package for 300l of water.

2.3 Discus infected with parasites

+ Symptoms: itching, discomfort. Discus often jerks off the fins. Or rub against hard objects in the tank such as the wall of a lake. Or places where the surface may be rougher and more dangerous to lead to ulcers, scratching the body of the fish.

+ How to treat: Simple but effective. Remove salt 400-500gm / 100liters of water (put in slowly or put in a filter box), increase the temperature to 32-33 degrees Celsius.

2.4 Ulcerative stem disease, borer

+ Symptoms: Ulcer 1 small item right in the trunk and slowly spread to death. This disease is very dangerous and difficult to save without timely treatment.

+ How to treat: take Merinal

  • Medicine: 1 tablet/60liter and raise the temperature to 32ºC.
  • Salt: 200gm/100liters
  • Day to smoke the bottom 1-2 times (no need to catch the fish separately), 2 days change 1/3 of the water and then add 1 more pill.

Note: During these days the fish usually stop eating. And about 1 week later the fish begin to eat again. When treating ulcers on discus we need to wait patiently. You should not treat indiscriminately will kill the fish right away.

2.5 Intestinal diseases

+ Symptoms: Fish stop eating, big belly, sometimes white stools

+ Cure 1: You use BIO FISH digestive enzymes. And follow the instructions on the package (available outside the fish shop). The temperature needs to be raised to 32 – 33ºC. Apply for about 3 days after feeding the fish (because the lancelet is easier to digest than other foods).

+ Cure 2: Use Metronidazole (available outside the pharmacy, blister with 1 yellow side, 1 red side). Dosage: 1 tablet/20 liters of soaked water for 2 days, then suck out more new water and put the medicine in equal to the amount of water just sucked out. Temperature 32 – 33ºC.

Note: During treatment, you should not feed the fish and practice eating again after 3 days of treatment.

3. FAQ

How to treat discus with white spot disease?

You proceed to release sick fish into a large tank with a temperature of 30-32 degrees C. You can mix red medicine (mercurochrome 2%) with a dosage of 10 liters and mix 8 drops. Maintain fish retention for 24 hours. After 3-4 days, do it again Otherwise, you can take Blue methylene 5% at a dosage of 2 drops in 10 liters of water.

Discus swims lethargicly, I shake one side, what to do when I shake the other side?

This is a symptom of shimmy on discus. You can cure it in the following way: Keep the tank at a temperature of 25-26 degrees C. Stop feeding the fish for 1-2 days. If it is caused by parasites, then put the fish in salt water, with a dosage of 30g for 1 liter. You bathe the fish for three minutes, once a day for 3-4 consecutive days.

What should discus get sick with red spots?

You need to isolate the sick fish immediately, using tetracylin dissolved at the rate of 5-10mg / liter of water. There is a card mixed into the feed, at the rate of 25mg / 1 pound of fish, eaten continuously for 5-7 days. Or use sulfathiazines mixed into fish feed at the rate of 100g / 1kg of fish, eat continuously for 5 days.

How do discus get white-tailed disease?

You need to isolate sick fish, regularly change the water 3-4 times a day. This disease spreads very quickly, for fish suspected of spreading the disease, biomicin baths should be carried out at a dose of 12mg / liter of water for 30 minutes. For sick fish bathing higher doses: 18 mg / liter for 20 minutes, 1-2 baths per day (depending on the condition), continuous bathing for 3-4 days.

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