Guppies are the most popular freshwater aquarium fish today. You can keep fish in mini-tanks or potted ornamental plants.


In this article, WIKIPET.NET share with you. How to care for guppies at home As well as finding out if they cover categories? And what is the diet so that the fish have a beautiful color. Please refer to how to do it.

1. General introduction to guppies

1.1 Description of guppies

Types of guppies
SizeMale fish grow about 3cm long and females about 6 cm long.
Females are longer than males, Males are slimmer. However, male fish are more colorful.
Water conditionsGuppies are freshwater fish. There are basic water parameters as follows:
Range of pH: 6.5 – 8.0
Water temperature: appx 26˚C – 28˚C
Tank sizeIt is recommended to use a tank of 20 liters of water or 40 liters of water and it is recommended to cover the aquarium.
DifficultyEasy to care for and Easy to raise
Lifespan2 – 3 years
BehaviourGuppies are a temperate aquarium fish. They can coexist peacefully with many other aquarium fish in the tank. You can keep guppies with some types of aquarium fish such as angelfish, grouper, goldfish, horse striped fish …
BearThis is the fish that lays offspring. The average adult female from 2-3 months of age is beginning to breed.

1.2 Types of guppies

Currently, there are more than 50+ different types of guppies in the world. Depending on the characteristics of the shape of the fish fin, the color … The following are some common types:

Types of guppies

+ Types according to the shape of a fishtail: Veiltail; Triangle-tail ; Fantail ; Scarftail ; Double Swordtail; Natural Tail ; RoundTail ; Cofertail ; Pintail; Speartail

+ Types according to the color of the fish: Full Black Guppy; Blue Guppy; Green Guppy; Purple Guppy; Red Guppy; Red Bi Color Guppy; Yellow Guppy; Albino Guppy; Metal Guppies; Solid Color Guppies and AOC Guppy. AOC Bi-Color Guppy; Blue-Green Bi-Color Guppy; Bronze Guppy; Half Black AOC Guppy; Half Black Yellow Guppy; Half Black Pastel Guppy; Half Black Blue Guppy; Half Black Green Guppy; Half Black Purple Guppy;

+ Types of patterns on the body of the fish: Cobra Guppy; Green Cobra Guppy; Blue Cobra Guppy; Snakeskin Guppy; Tuxedo Guppy;

2. Guppy breeding techniques

2.1 Aquarium

You can keep guppies in tanks with a minimum capacity of 20-40 liters of water. Or a size of 30cm or more.

Necessary accessories to make aquariums include: filtration system, aquarium lamps, aquarium plants, microorganisms.

Because guppies grow best at temperatures between 26 and 28 degrees C. Therefore, you should place your aquarium in a cool place. If necessary, you can equip 1 more fan for the aquarium.

guppy tanks

2.2 Water source

Guppies adapt very well to different tank water conditions. However, let the fish stay healthy, grow quickly and have a beautiful color. You need to pay attention to basic water parameters including: pH from 6.0 – 8.0 and temperature from 26 – 28 degrees Celsius.

You can use pond water, rivers and streams or RO filtered water to raise fish. However, with water from ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. You need to treat dirt 2-3 days in advance before releasing fish.

2.3 Properly release fish into the tank

For those of you who are new to aquarium fish for the first time. The important issue when buying fish is how to release them into the tank. You can follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Move quickly to bring the fish home.
  • Step 2: Put all fish bags in the tank for 15-20 minutes (Do not put water in)
  • Step 3: You put the fish out 1 brass or pot. Add water from the tank slowly until it reaches 50% of the current water.
  • Step 4: Use a net racket to catch fish released into the tank gently.

And finally, observe the activity of guppies in the tank. To be able to detect abnormal signs of fish.

3. How to care for guppies in an aquarium at home

Guppies are aquarium fish that are easy to care for. However, let the fish have a beautiful, healthy color and grow quickly. You need to be aware of the diet, and take care every day.

3.1 Diet for guppies

Guppies are omnivorous aquarium fish lines. They can eat a variety of foods. Including industrial feed in pellets, bran, pieces. Or fresh foods such as shrimp, worm, atermia …

It is important that you balance nutrition in the diet of guppies. Feed them with fresh food and industrial feed. It will help to fully replenish the fish to a beautiful color.

Note: You should feed the fish in a sufficient amount. Do not overfeed the fish, excess food will contaminate the water in the tank.

3.2 Changing the tank water

The water in the guppy aquarium will very quickly get dirty. You will have to carry out water changes to the tank 1 – 2 times a week. Depending on the number of fish in your tank. Note: you should only change 30-40% of the water in the tank each time. Avoid giving too much new water that will shock the fish.

4. Summary and Q&A

Do guppies eat aquarium plants?

Guppies are small streams of aquarium fish. Their food is infancy, bloodworm, worm… And they do not eat aquarium plants. So please feel free to keep fish in the aquarium.

What types of aquarium fish can be kept in the same aquarium with guppies?

Guppies are sociable aquarium fish streams. They can live with many other types of aquarium fish such as. Goldfish, angelfish, neon fish, grouper… and other small aquarium fish. Note: it is not recommended to breed guppies with predatory fish such as: snakehead, betta, mulberry …

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