1. General information

The breed is known to be a loyal and highly intelligent pet. They have been domesticated and raised at home by humans for a very long time.

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4. Home training for dogs

5. FAQ

Why choose dogs as pets?

Dogs keep us happy, help us fight disease and protect us when needed. There are many reasons to have a dog next door, so what are you waiting for? For more than 33,000 years, dogs have been companion animals that share sadness and happiness, bringing a sense of happiness and comfort to people.

Should there be a dog in a house with young children?

Finnish researchers recently came to a conclusion: “Domestic dogs are not just close friends of humans. It can also help boost the immune system in babies. To fight respiratory diseases and other infections.”

What is the diet for dogs?

You can use foods that use ingredients from natural meat and vegetables. There are many different tastes that will help diversify the pet’s meals. Using dry granulated food can help your dog go to the bathroom with less odor. Take care of healthy hair and skin. Moreover, dry foods are produced according to a nutritionally balanced formula for pets. Ensure enough substance and do not lead to obesity and malnutrition.

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