Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is a breed native to Argentina. This is a large, hardy breed and very easy to care for for newbies.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a beautiful, tall and strong breed. Let’s learn about their origin, characteristics and how to care for them at home with Wiki PET.

1. Information about the breed Dogo Argentino

1.1 Origin

The Dogo Argentino dog is a beautiful breed from the land of Argentina. The breed was studied and bred by brilliant zoologists. Research from 2 precious breeds available in this country, which is Cordoba Fighting Dog.

Cordoba Fighting Dog is known to be a fierce breed. They have precious traits that are taken care of for competition, hunting or rescue purposes. The breed is also trained to be able to guard the farm, assisting in herding other types of livestock and poultry. In addition, they also help look after the house, keep the property and protect the owner.

With a tall body and good health, this breed can fight many types of wild animals such as bears, wild boars,… This breed nature is aggressive but if domesticated can also be obediently raised in the house.

In 1964, the breed was officially recognized by the Argentine Kennel Association. In 1973, Dogo Argentino was again recognized by FCI.

1.2 General description

For those who love and want to breed this Dogo breed. Everyone wants to learn about specific characteristics. So below will tell everyone about their appearance and personality:

+ About appearance

Height Size & WeightHeight from 61 – 69 cm, weight from 36 – 45 kg
HeadThey have a head with a rounded skull from front to back. Their muzzles are large, their teeth are sharp and can bite many things. Small but cunning eyes. The little ears turned back to hear everything.
BodyDogs have very muscular thighs with a short buttocks. Dogo’s tail is thick and naturally low gills all the way to the legs.
Furry featuresDogs have a thick, glossy coat of white color and no undercoat. Their plumage is mostly white.
LifespanThe Dogo breed has a lifespan of 10-12 years.

+ About personality

Dogo Argentino is an amazingly strong dog with a brave, courageous character. They are a loving guardian of the family, including children. They are ready to attack any person or animal with bad intentions.

If tamed from a young age, full training. This Dogo breed is friendly to humans, listening to the owner. They will have a cheerful temperament, close to even young children. They are loyal to the nurturing owner, have very high owner protective properties.

2. How to Feed and Care

2.1 Nutrition

Dogo is a breed of dog that likes to move. They always amaze others with their speed and strength. Let the dog maintain his strength. You need to replenish them with enough energy at each meal.

Dogo Argentino breed as a child.
Dogo Argentino breed as a child – Photo: Internet

Nutrition needs to be age-appropriate for Dogo Argentino:

  • Dogs under 6 months old: You should feed them 3 meals / day. Each meal is spaced at regular intervals.
  • Dogs over 6 months old: Feeding 2 meals / day is enough.

This breed likes meat, so in the diet menu should be added all kinds of meat. For example: beef, pork, poultry. It is also recommended to add seafood, eggs, animal organs, vegetables, a little starch,… In the diet of dogs.

Note: At every meal, you should not overfeed Dogo. Overeating will adversely affect their stomach. Regularly check their weight to see if they are overweight.

2.2 How to care for a Dogo Argentino dog at home

The Argentine breed possesses a short coat of about 1.5 – 2cm. So you don’t need to worry too much about taking care of their fur.

This is a breed that loves movement. So the body of the dog Dogo Argentino is constantly exposed to dirt. You need to bathe them regularly. You should also combine with the use of shower gels, shampoos specifically for dogs.

Sometimes, you also need to pay attention to parts such as ears, eye edges, legs … of the Dogo babies. You see if there are any strange creatures. Because according to our research, these are the parts of bacteria that regularly reside and cause disease.

In addition, you need to take your dog Dogo Argentino to regular check-ups. To detect diseases that are dangerous to the health of dogs early.

2.3 Habitat and Training

The Dogo Argentino breed likes to be close to nature. You need to create conditions for them to be immersed in large spaces. Experts recommend training Dogo dogs from an early age. This will make them more obedient and obedient.

Dog Training Dogo Argentino
You should train Dogo Argentino dogs from the time they are young. It will make your dog more friendly and obedient.

Because Dogo Argentino was bred from so many different breeds. So they have almost all the power. The intelligence and agility of these breeds.

But sometimes, the predatory nature of the Dogo dog is clearly revealed. Therefore, this breed is usually not the choice of families who have no experience raising dogs.

3. FAQ

What are some common diseases in Dogo Argentino?

Some common diseases are common in this breed such as: hypothyroidism, open hip disease, deafness, inflammatory diseases, digestive disorders,..

Does the Dogo Argentino breed aggressively attack other animals?

Have! They are inherently hunting dogs, so they have an aggressive nature, should not be kept with other animals. Such as rabbits, cats, pigs, birds,.. It is possible that dogs are willing to bite these animals to death.

Should Dogo Argentino dog ears be cut off?

Many dog owners because of the aesthetics, so they have chosen to cut off the ears to shape the Dogo Argentino breed from a young age. And it helps to create a stronger and more cunning appearance for this breed, also adding more value.

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