Common diseases in British Shorthair cats

British Shorthair is a breed of cats with good health. However, when kept as a pet at home. They are not properly cared for will be very susceptible to infection.

British Shorthair cat gets sick

Today, Wiki PET shares information with you about. Common diseases when keeping British Shorthair cats at home. As well as what vaccines are needed for your pet.

1. Common diseases in cats

Cats with diabetesThis is the most common disease in British Shorthair cats. The main cause of this disease is endocrine disorders when feeding cats or due to excess nutrition.
GingivitisThis disease shows signs that the cat has swollen gums, bad breath, and the gums are flushed. This disease is common in kittens and can go away on its own. However, if the disease lasts a long time, you should take your cat to the doctor.
RabiesRabies is an infectious disease and poses a danger to cats. Cats can get white foam, drooling,… constantly when sick.
Feline PanleukopeniaCats with this disease often have reduced blood cell counts that cause them to have a weakened immune system.
FIVThis disease is also called immunodeficiency syndrome in cats, this disease causes cats to eat poorly, have difficulty breathing.
FeLVThis disease is especially dangerous and can cause cancer in cats.
Respiratory infectionsTelltale signs are that cats have a red nose, lethargy fever and picky eating.

2. How to prevent the disease

For the prevention of common diseases in British Shorthair cats. It is best to find out and choose a cat with a clear origin. In particular, you must fully vaccinate cats.

Vaccines to vaccinate cats include:

  • Vaccine against the virus that causes leukemia.
  • Vaccine against immunodeficiency virus.
  • Bordetella

The 4 vaccines required for cats include:

  • Rabies vaccine
  • Vaccine against Leukopenia
  • Vaccine against infectious rhinitis – trachea
  • Vaccine against herpervirus disease

3. Some notes when buying a cat as a pet

The British Shorthair is a breed of cat that loves a cool climate. Therefore, when buying a cat, you need to prepare a suitable habitat for your cat.

Learn carefully about the origin of the cat you plan to keep as a pet. It will give you more peace of mind during care.

4. FAQ

What should cats with diarrhea do?

You can give your cat Metamucil – Cholesterol-lowering fiber supplement: When your cat has diarrhea, you can take 1/2 teaspoon of Metamucil mixed with food, twice a day, so on and so on for up to 5-7 days, the disease can be controlled!

How to eradicate lice on cats?

If your British Shorthair cat is attacked by lice. You can apply 1 of the following 6 ways:
1. You can Use disinfectant sprays to kill lice
2. Bathing cats with louse shower gels
3. Bathing cats with lemon juice can also scare away lice
4. Using menthol to melt cat hair helps prevent lice
5. Buy lice killers in medical stores.
6. Use a room collar and kill lice for cats.

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