Cats are loved by a lot of people and choose to be pets at home. However, to be able to take good care of them, not everyone can do it. The following is information about some of the most popular cat breeds today. As well as how to care for and train cats at home.

1. Why choose cats as pets?

You will not be too confused when quite a few people choose to keep cats as pets. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 25% of households in the U.S. consider this adorable animal to be a close friend of theirs.

Although, cats are quite mischievous and destructive, it makes them adorable. Moreover, they are extremely self-conscious, always curious about the world around them and especially very loyal.

And here are 15 reasons you should have a cat in your household as a pet:

  • Cats help children learn necessary social skills
  • Cats are ideal pets if you live in apartments
  • Taking care of cats does not cost as much as dogs
  • You won’t need to walk your cat many times
  • Cats are a very active animal
  • Cats are the smartest pets
  • Cats love to be home alone
  • Cats can take care of themselves and groom themselves
  • Raising cats helps the environment improve
  • Cats consume water economically and efficiently
  • Raising a cat brings many benefits to your health
  • Cats are a long-lived animal
  • Finally, the most important reason you should have 1 cat is because they are extremely adorable. This is easy to see, isn’t it?

2. Breeds of cats

3. Feeding and Caring for Cats

4. Cat training

5. FAQ

Should you have a cat when you have children?

There must be a lot to think about in your head. And what are the considerations of being able to raise your baby with a cat? And the following are some explanations of the benefits and harms:

Benefits of keeping cats indoors:
+ The presence of cats has been shown to make children healthier. And prevent them from getting allergic as adults. This is thought to be due to bacteria present in dogs and cats that can boost the human immune system.
+ Analysts also found that. Children who live in the house with cats are less susceptible to respiratory infections than other children.
+ The mental health and well-being benefits derived from having a pet are numerous.
+ Taking your pet for a daily walk is one way to ensure you and your child are getting a workout every day.

However, it will still have the following harms:
+ When babies can become excessively friendly to pets. And pets will give back to the baby with loving licks. This can transmit the bacteria to your child’s mouth or eyes.
+ Cats urinating indoors or on your child’s toys is a health hazard. Cats are also susceptible to infection with toxoplasmosis, which can then be transmitted to humans.
+ A pet’s fur is a tricky problem and not good for your baby.

What is the best cat food?

The nutritious fish that cats like to eat such as salmon, fish, budfish … You can cook or steam them then feed them. In addition, you can ballast the fish and mix it with rice for the cat to eat.

Note: You should absolutely not feed your cat raw fish. Because raw fish will have bacteria that are harmful to the gastrointestinal tract for cats.

In addition to fish, cats also love to eat seafood such as squid, shrimp, oysters,.. These foods contain a lot of important minerals that help build red blood cells for cats.

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