Bull Terrier Training Lessons at Home

Bull Terriers are active and intelligent dogs. However, they are also very difficult to teach. You need to have training for them to obey their owners.

Bull Terrier Training Lessons at Home

In this article, WIKIPET.NET share with you 3 Bull Terrier training lessons at home. The lesson will help your dog listen, be friendly and loyal to you.

Lesson 1: Train a Bull Terrier to Learn to Be Quiet

Barking is a natural reflex of dogs. And with the Bull Terrier is no exception. They will bark as soon as the environment changes. Or there is the appearance of strangers. To change that, you need to stick to the following training:

You will use your dog’s conditioned reflex training to keep them quiet. The usual method is to lightly hit their mouths. Or you can try using food for different puppies. Use items to hold in your mouth to move the puppy’s attention. It calmed Bull Terier’s excitement. Persevere and gradually form a conditioned “quiet” reflex.

Training a silent Bull Terrier

Lesson 2: Train the Bull Terrier to protect the owner

The Bull Terrier is known to be an absolutely loyal dog to its owner. It is ready to attack anyone who harms its owner. However, to do that. They need to undergo regular training.

How does a Bull Terrier protect its owner? For example, when you are not safe. They can jump and bite at objects that are threatening your safety. You can train the Bull Terrier to protect the owner as follows:

Training Bull Terriers to protect owners

Step 1: You need to secure the Bull Terrier firmly 2 meters away from you.

Step 2: Ask 1 helper pretending to be a stranger to attack you. At this point, depending on the reaction of the Bull Terrier, you will have different training directions.

+ If the Bull Terrier actively barks to intimidate the person who intends to harm the owner. Then the helper fakes the movement to run away and get scared. You should also pet the dog again. Or you can also reward them with 1 small portion of food.

+ Where the Bull Terrier didn’t react at all. The helper may turn to attack itself. When it starts barking and jumps up to attack. The helper also made a runaway move and was afraid. At the same time, you will also again stroke and reward it.

You need to be patient and repeat this training over and over again. Bull Terriers will understand that if someone attacks the owner, they will also attack it. When the Bull Terrier has mastered the above lesson. You can set it free. However, you need to use helper protections. At the same time, it is necessary to muzzle the dog carefully. Avoid hurting the coaching helper.

Lesson 3: Train a Bull Terrier not to bite people on their own

Although the Bull Terrier is considered a dog with a friendly personality to humans. However, in some cases they are very aggressive. And ready to attack strangers around. Therefore, training for Bull Terriers not to bite people on their own is very necessary.

Training a People-Friendly Bull Terrier

Scenario 1: After they make a mistake, they attack strangers.

At this point, you need to be very experienced. Yelling at them loudly, until they were silent. After a while they show remorse, you will return to caress and comfort them. Let them understand that biting people is not allowed.

Scenario 2: Train them to be peaceful with everyone

Most dogs actively attack strangers because they are afraid. And they will instinctively do so to protect themselves. To eliminate the fear of strangers of Bull Terriers. You can do it in the following way:

You can ask your friends to feed them. Note: it is necessary to show them the food from your hands to the helper. Thus, Bull Terrier will understand that this is the person trusted by the owner and not dangerous.

And after it eats food from the helper. The 2 should stroke and praise it. Maintaining regular training will help Bull Terriers no longer be afraid and bite strangers.


How to train a Bull Terrier to protect the owner?

To train the Bull Terrier how to protect his master. You need to find a helper to be your and your dog’s attacker. It will create conditioned reflexes if you repeat this training over and over again.

What is the way to teach a Bull Terrier not to bite people on their own?

Bull Terriers are known to be gentle. However, if they are threatened or less likely to go out. Will make them feel afraid of strangers. And ready to attack in self-defense. So to limit bull terrier bites, do the following:
Regularly take them for a walk in the park or yard
Give them a lot of contact with your friends. The better you can ask them to feed them with you.
Punish people severely for bull terrier bites. They will understand and not re-offend.

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