British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a breed of cat with a long origin. They are loved by many and choose to keep as pets at home.

British Shorthair Cats

Today, Wiki PET shares with you information about the British Shorthair cat breed. How to care for and train them to be a great pet at home.

1. About the British Shorthair cat breed

1.1 Origin

Currently, British Shorthair is popular in 2 types: attached hair and long hair. Shorthair cats have a long history and are recognized right here in the UK. British cats, on the other hand, are not. The British Shorthair cat was randomly bred between two breeds: the Ancient Egyptian Cat and the British Street Feral Cat.

1.2 Describe

WeightThe usual weight of a British Shorthair cat as an adult is 4-6kg. But they are inactive, lying down all day, so many can reach a weight of 8.5kg.
Coat & colorThe coat of this cat is short but thick and soft. That is also their attractive feature that makes people want to caress forever.
Short-haired cats have a variety of coat colors, but blue, charcoal blue and gray are the most popular and popular colors. They also have different variations with unique coat colors such as red, triathlete, binary or black cat.
HeadThis cat has a round face with puffy cheeks that look like dumplings. They have a large and long tail. But their ears are short.
In addition, the British Shorthair cat has a short nose and mouth. Their noses are very low and flat. Looking at our face we have the feeling of the nose when hidden behind the cheeks. But their eyes are large and round, copper-yellow or some cats have a beautiful blue eye color.
Legs & TailThey have a round, strong and well-proportioned Cat Body. Cat’s legs are quite short, the padded flesh on the legs is thick, so when they move very gently.

1.3 Character

This is a breed of cats that are quite passive, lazy and rarely move aggressively. These cats are very friendly, but they like to be close to people, not holding them in their arms.

If you stay at home 1 yourself, the cat will be quite quiet to wait for the owner to return. They also only need 1 ball to be able to play all day.

1.4 Types

Currently, there are 2 popular types of British Shorthair cats: Purebred breed & Hybrid cat breed. they are quite similar in appearance. But it is the color of the plumage that makes it easy for us to distinguish them from each other.

Purebred British Shorthair cat breed
Purebred British Shorthair cat breed
British Shorthair cat breed hybrid
British Shorthair cat breed hybrid

Tip: To distinguish between purebred and hybrid British Shorthair cats. You should touch their fur with your hands. Purebred cats have a thick and smooth coat. While hybrid cats have thin fur and grow unevenly.

2. How to feed a British Shorthair cat

They are a pretty cute breed of cats from shape to personality. And their life expectancy is also quite high. On average, a cat with good care can live up to 12 years.

However, they have a molting season and shed quite a lot at that time. So pay attention to brushing them regularly when it comes to fall and spring.

2.1 Nutrition

This breed of cats is quite easy to raise, they can eat various types of cat food. This includes packaged food, pet nuts to foods that humans use.

However, to add more nutrition to the “pet”. Do not forget to feed them more foods containing nutrients such as protein, vitamins, fiber,.. Come from meats, eggs or cheese!

Some kind of wet food that this breed of cats likes. These can be mentioned as: pate and cheese. However, give them a little food so that they do not have an excess of nutrients.

2.2 British Shorthair Health Care & Coat

When taking care of the health of pets. There are 3 basic things you should pay attention to as follows:

  • Full vaccination of pets
  • Regular health check-ups
  • Create a good living space for them

+ Care, grooming

Although British Shorthair cats have short coats, they are quite thick and still lose a lot of hair, so you need to brush them 1-2 times a day to remove dead hair, helping your cat’s new coat grow better.

In addition, when combing the cat’s coat. You need to check whether the cat has lice, fleas or dermatitis in order to treat it in time. Besides, you can also use coconut oil or olive oil combined when combing your cat’s hair. It will help the hair to be shiny and the cat more relaxed.

When bathing your cat, you should bathe 2-3 times a month. And after bathing, you must dry and dry your hair to avoid itching and dermatitis.

3. FAQ

What is the diet for British Shorthair cats?

British Shorthair cats are not too picky. You can freely choose the menu for them daily with adequate nutrition.
They like to eat chicken, beef, vegetables and fish like many other cats in the world. In addition to these foods, they can also eat canned food.

Do cats shed a lot of hair?

Cat hair will shed a lot in spring and autumn. Because according to the natural mechanism in the cool, hot season, the hair will begin to fall out and get thinner. In contrast, in winter, cats will be thicker and longer to help them keep a stable body temperature.

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