Breeding aquarium fish is not only decorative, but also feng shui. However, if you do not know how to raise fish, the stunted will not grow and then gradually die.

Today, aquarists have gained popularity. However, to have a perfect aquarium to stay indoors is not easy. It requires the knowledge and experience of the farmer. To minimize the level of risk when farming. Novice aquarists need to take care of the habitat. Diet, water stocking fish, techniques for releasing fish into tanks,…

1. Water sources

The issue of water sources for keeping aquarium fish is the most important factor farmers should pay attention to.

1.1 Hydro-tap water

Most of the water for aquariums today is tap water. Therefore, it is necessary to treat chlorine before using it to feed fish.

You should leave tap water in uncovered brasses, basins, tubs for more than 24 hours. It will help the amount of chlorine in the water fly away. For higher efficiency and faster. You can place these water containers in an open place with lots of sunlight and turn on an oxygen bulldozer.

In addition, you can also use a dechlorination solution in tap water sold at aquarium stores. The way to use is that you give about 5 drops for 20 liters of water. After 5 minutes, it can be used to feed fish. However, you should limit abuse. And only apply when water is urgently needed or there is no time to store dechlorinated water.

1.2 Well water

If aquarium well water is used. You need to note that well water usually has a pH as low as 4.0 – 5.0. As well as the oxygen content in well water is quite little. Or even some areas where well water is heavily contaminated with alum, it needs to be treated more carefully.

To treat the water of aquarium wells. You must store well water in storage tanks. At the same time, combine strong oxygen effervescence to increase oxygen content and increase pH. You can add coral chips to the filter cartridge to increase the pH.

How to treat well water contaminated with alum: In addition to the above treatment, activated carbon should be put into the water tank. On average, the amount of coal accounts for 1/3 of the volume of water tanks.

1.3 Rainwater

Cool rainwater will stimulate aquarium fish to swim in the summer. However, in rainwater there is a low pH. So you need to treat it like well water and add other elements. In particular, using rainwater to raise fish will make your lake quickly have mossy algae, so you limit your use.

2. How to change the water for an aquarium

You should not siphon the old water 100% and change it to a new one. We should absorb the old water by 30-50% and put the new water in slowly gently. This will help the fish adapt, limiting the situation of fish being socked due to pH and temperature differences…

You should also refrain from transferring fish to another lake. If you want to maintain the movement, you should balance the pH and temperature accordingly. So that the fish do not suffer from sock as well as stress due to habitat change.

You can use plastic siphonic pipes or manual plastic water pumps that are available in aquarium shops. Combined with using this hand pump to suck up excess food, scum at the bottom of the lake, then add new water.

3. Habitat

3.1 Aquarium temperature

A suitable temperature for aquarium fish is from 26 – 28 degrees Celsius. If there is a difference of several degrees, then the live fish are still good. If you are in a hot and humid climate, you do not need to pay too much attention to the temperature. Conversely, if you are in an area with a cold climate, you need to pay attention to using a thermometer. It will help you measure the water temperature in combination with how to use aquarium temperature heating plants accordingly.

3.2 Lighting for the aquarium

You need to place the aquarium in cool months, protected from direct light. If you leave the aquarium in a place that is too dark, not breathable for a long time, it is easy to make the fish sick. Depending on the situation, small-power lamps can be used for the aquarium. In doses of about a few hours per day.

Note: Turn on during the day for less than 8 hours, and turn off at night for the fish to rest.

If the aquarium is placed outdoors, it is necessary to create shade, limit the impact from the sun, rain …

3.3 Oxygen

You need to turn on the oxygen for the aquarium regularly 24/24h. For aquariums over 60cm in size. Then you should buy more water purifiers, raise for a long time with experience, apply more advanced purifier methods such as board filtration, overflow filter….

3.4 Community Tank

In an aquarium, it is necessary to choose fish with the same behavior, easy to keep together. Fish living in the same tank avoid large fish eating small fish or large fish such as carp, goldfish …. Farmed with small fish such as neon, seven-color, fairy …

4. Diet for aquarium fish

When you first breed aquarium fish at home, you should not overfeed them with food for 1 time. Let’s divide the number of feedings with a sufficient volume of food.

The excess amount of food in the aquarium will pollute the water supply of the aquarium.

As shared by professional aquarists. It is best to feed the fish 2 times per day in the early morning and late afternoon. Remember that if you leave the fish hungry for a few days, the fish will not die. Do not overfeed them, dead fish are normal. In addition to dry food, depending on the type of fish, we should add fresh food such as juveniles, brooches, bait carp …

5. Properly release aquarium fish into the tank

The technique of releasing fish when first purchased into the tank is also very important. To avoid the situation that the fish is socked with water leading to fish death.

  • Step 1: You need to immerse the whole fish bag in water for 15-20 minutes when you first buy it.
  • Step 2: You open the mouth of the bag and scoop 1 shift of water from the lake into the fish bag.
  • Step 3: You lower the mouth of the bag, open the mouth of the bag with your hand. At the same time, the other hand slowly pulls up the bottom of the bag, letting the fish drift out of the bag.

Note: Absolutely do not pour immediately 1 time.

6. Popular aquarium fish

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