Afghan Hound

What country does the Afghan dog come from, what are its characteristics, is the price reasonable? What is the Afghan Dog Care Manual?


What country do Afghan dogs come from? What are their characteristics? How to care and train Afghan dogs? All will be advised by to help you in this sharing.

1. Origin of the Afghan dog

The Afghan Hound was first found in Afghanistan. But few people know about its early history or how long it has been around. This breed has certainly been around for over 200 years and possibly much longer.

It depends on the area in which they live. When people find them, they have different places. Dogs in the mountains are more compact with darker and heavier coats. While desert dogs have a darker coat color, with a lighter coat both in color and volume.

2. Characteristics of the Afghan dog

About appearance

Afghan dogs
Body sizeAdult Afghan dogs weigh from 22 to 34 kg (male dogs are slightly better than female dogs). Their height is in the range of 68 – 74 cm for male dogs, 63 – 69 cm for female dogs. The back is long, he looks quite solid.
CoatThe Afghan Hound has a soft, long coat that covers the entire body. The coat of Persian Greyhounds is quite thick so that they can adapt to harsh weather. In particular, their fur is long and covers all four legs. As they mature, their feathers are longer on the back and along the back. Their fur is usually sandy, and the hair on the face and ears is darker than elsewhere.
Nose and earsThe ears of this breed are quite distinctive. They are covered with hair that extends to the trunk. So when you look at it you will mistake it for a woman’s hair. Their noses are usually black or crimson, depending on the lightness and color of the feathers.
EyeThe eyes of the Afghan breed look like triangles. Their eye color is quite diverse, usually Afghan dogs with yellow eyes are less popular than dogs with dark eyes.
JawAfghans have strong teeth. The teeth grow diagonally and perpendicular to the jaw.

The nature of the Afghan dog

This breed is very difficult to train. They also rarely listen to their owners and often ignore calls from their owners.

The nature of the Afghan dog

Despite their gentle appearance, their temperament is not as cute as their appearance. Afghan dogs are also very naughty, their hobby is hiding your belongings.

3. How to take care of Afghan dogs


The Afghan dog has an average lifespan of about 10-13 years. On average, a breeding cycle they can produce 6-8 puppies.

Living space

A hunting dog that loves to exercise. When raising them you should give them a spacious living space so they can run and jump.


The Afghan dog does well with a high-quality protein-rich diet. Divide dog food into two meals, totaling about 2-2.5 cups of high-quality dog food per day to help keep your pet healthy.

Some of the human foods these dogs enjoy include: chicken and sweet potatoes. However, the food and nutritional requirements of Afghan hounds vary according to their level of maturity, as they require more protein during their growth years.


As mentioned above, this breed is quite stubborn. So the process of training them is also a problem!

According to the share of those who used to raise this breed. They are usually not docile and often do not respond to training tricks.

However, make sure your dog gets at least two hours of exercise each day to keep it fit and healthy.

Notes when taking care of Afghan dogs

You should make a solid barrier. Afghan dogs are very good at escaping, possessing incredible speed that makes them escape easily.

Since they have a long coat, to avoid tangles, you should brush their long, thick coat regularly.

When brushing, check for sores, rashes, or signs of infection such as redness, pain, or inflammation on the skin, in the ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and feet. The right eye should be clear, without redness or discharge. A careful weekly check-up will help you detect potential health problems early.

4. FAQ

How many years can the Afghan Hound live?

The average lifespan of an Afghan Hound is 10-13 years

What is Afghan dog food?

Adult Afghan Hounds should eat about 2 to 2.5 cups of dry food per day divided into two meals, although dry food can be partially or fully supplemented with wet food.

What diseases are common when raising Afghan Hounds?

If you do not take good care and the diet is not suitable. Your pet may suffer from a number of diseases such as: allergies, hair dysplasia, cataracts and Demodectic Mange.

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